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Welcome to Yorkshire Props, the home of the creative talents of Carl Worsdell.

Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Carl specialises in the design and build of bespoke props and replicas for film, television, exhibitions and events.¬†With over 15 years experience there are few people more qualified to bring your imagination to life… More >>

Latest News

  • Some progress today on the 'half an R2'... obviously lots of filling and sanding to do yet but by mid next week this bit will be done...
    14th December 2018
  • My scratch built Bug Droid body from a few years ago. Alot of work went into getting this right... it started with a polystyrene sculpt which was then fibreglassed and then a few weeks of fine tuning... these were mid stage photos as surface greeblies hadn't been added yet..
    13th December 2018
  • The first part of the X-wing cockpit build isn't actually part of the X-wing! A spare R2 body and dome will be used to make the top third of the R2 that'll sit behind the canopy. The black marker line should give me enough of the body for it to sit at the right height inside the hole. The tops of the legs will need cutting at this height too. Goggles on!! ...and no, I don't do R2 kits, sorry...
    11th December 2018