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Welcome to Yorkshire Props, the home of the creative talents of Carl Worsdell.

Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Carl specialises in the design and build of bespoke props and replicas for film, television, exhibitions and events.¬†With over 15 years experience there are few people more qualified to bring your imagination to life… More >>

Latest News

  • I did some more preliminary research and planning on the X-wing cockpit build.. It'll be a classic shape T-65 with very detailed interior, an R2D2 in the back and a working canopy. The whole thing will be full size at 3.5 metres long starting just in front of the canopy and ending just behind R2. It'll have the yellow metal ladders as seen in the hanger scenes so public will be able to climb aboard for a photo. This one won't be for sale though, as a life long fan of the X-wing it'll be a labour of love and as good as i can get it. If your lucky it might come to a show near you from summer 2019... So that's the next big build and this time I'm the customer.. !!
    11th December 2018
  • I found some great photos of the X-wing cockpit from the Rogue One premier to add to my research. The detail is fantastic. Does anyone know if there are any detailed plans/blueprints for the X-wing cockpit in existence?
    9th December 2018
  • YORKSHIRE PROPS Yorkshire based prop maker for all your prop making needs. From full size spaceships to cars, robots, sets, costume elements, weapons, models... etc.. PM me for details..
    10th December 2018