Welcome to Yorkshire Props, the home of the creative talents of Carl Worsdell.

With over 15 years experience creating bespoke props for film, television, exhibitions and events there are few people more qualified to bring your imagination to life.

An extensive portfolio, showcases many diverse projects including commissioned full scale replicas of a Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactica, Hagrid’s Hut from the Harry Potter films and a full size Black Hawk Helicopter for the War and Peace Show.

Carl has produced replica weapons for reenactment groups, bespoke Star Wars speeders, droids and helmets for events, life size film character sculpts for exhibitions and replica vehicles for car shows, including Mad Max’s Road Warrior.

Not everything Carl creates comes from fantastical imaginary worlds however; point of sale and visual merchandising is an increasing popular field for over sized props. From giant handbags and stilettos to bespoke comedy characters, Carl has sculpted and painted them all to help support marketing campaigns and promotional events in shopping centres and retail outlets worldwide.

No projects are too large or outlandish – contact Carl and make your ideas reality.